East on the MoPac

Gina & I headed out this morning for some serious trail miles.

It was pretty cool to start, but we were taking off the arm warmers before too long. Gina’s got a stylin’ new jersey, too.

Serious water bottle concentration.

Turnaround time. Faint hair metal blasting from a field somewhere nearby.

Delicious and well-deserved beers at the One-Eyed Dog on the way back. Food tasted exceptional. And nothing, just nothing, beats a cold beer out of a frosty mug when you’ve worked for it. (Except maybe a cold beer in the shower when you’ve worked for it.)

Jennie graduated yesterday. Apparently, this is the regalia that Master’s candidates in the Survey Research & Methodology program at UNL wear. Congratulations, Jennie. You look downright dashing.

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