Fast-moving thunderstorms are not uncommon in Nebraska. I thought I could beat the one that blew through this morning. I packed my toast & peanut butter breakfast, left my coffee unfinished, and headed out the door as the weirdly-golden sky changed to sprinkles.

Then utter downpour, with 50 mph wind gusts and pea-sized hail to boot. The streets were washed out, I saw a few branches fall, but I kept on going, fearing worse — possibly larger hail.

Arriving at the NSOB

Helmets are good for more than protection from falls. The worst hailstone hit was in the pit of my elbow. That stung.

It’s not so easy to see, but I poured a nice lake out of my shoes. I also wrung my pants out of their dripping wetness. Good thing my trusty Re-Load kept my change of clothes (and I brought a change of everything, mind you) and my camera high & dry.

By the time I’d changed, the sun was out again.

Now, at 8:30 PM, it’s still 88 degrees, and the heat index has finally dropped from 103 an hour ago to 99. Allegedly, we’re rocking a dew point second only to Miami.

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