December Hundy

Just really love getting in a monthly long ride in excellent company. We got the December hundy done right off the bat, December 1st, in conditions that could hardly be better.

First pee stop it was cold enough that my jacket and jersey, a bit sweaty when I took them off (woman + bib shorts), were frozen when I put them back on. From there on, temperatures warmed and the wind continued to be non-existent.  

 We rode to Cortland, Adams, and Sterling.

Lots of terrible gas station food. Lots of enjoying the subtlety in color variations that the winter landscape provides — it takes a bit more work to see the beauty. 

Great day on the bike. Despite the shortness of the daylight, we made it home well before dark to beautiful pink & purple skies.

Now, for three intense days of schoolwork and packing…and then I’m heading to Philadelphia on Thursday to take part in the supreme shenanigans known as Bilenky Junkyard Cross and the Singlespeed CX World Championships… 

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