Czech Days Ride: Unexpected hypothermia

Hit up the Sunday crew Czech Days ride. We got caught in some unexpected heavy rain, and the ensuing wet cold was a shockingly un-Czech Days-like experience. Cold in August in Nebraska. This year really is the reign of the Ice Princess…

Wilderness overgrowing the Jamaica Trail

Faces I don’t usually ride alongside

Rain sets in

Really? I’m doing this right now?

Baby looks good in wet gravel

Good thing most of this stuff is about to come off…

It’s gravel. Really.

More mucky steeds

Freezing and waiting for the Hotel to open for lunch

Shivering on August 4th

Thanks for the reminder

Nation’s Czech Capital. Serious business

Leaving our mark at the Fox Hole


What happens when you leave markers on a table and invite etching

I see some other friends were here

Class act here

Light fixture

We did indeed have swass here

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