Cycling in Brooklyn

Spent the afternoon/evening biking around Brooklyn with my dudes John and Alex. They had an extra ’70s Schwinn roadie, lady-frame, for someone about 6 inches shorter than me. We posted it all the way up, and I rode very upright in my dress. Took a few blocks to get the feel for riding against traffic, through traffic, blowing lights, and then a long hill at which I found out the brakes on this bike are not as good as mine led to a near-miss with getting totally run over. After several legs of rides, I’m hooked like an unlucky fish.

We had nice Saturday afternoon reading and beer drinking on a secluded little dock where the Gowanus Canal Canoeing Club is headquartered, close enough to an outdoor concert to hear but not have to pay. Picked up some Cuban food (chile poblano with calamari and shrimp for me) in Carroll Gardens and returned to the dock, where we met a nice dog named Roxy. Then watched the last of the bands from a bridge across the canal.

I could live here. It’s been wonderful to be in New York for about 24 hours without having entered Manhattan.

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