Cycling Resume

Team Manager, Team Laser Cats, MTB XC Category 1, Cyclocross Category 2/UCI, Road Category 3

Little Bellas mentor/mentor lead, 2015-2021, Philadelphia chapter.  

Co-founder/co-director/head coach of Women Bike PHL Racing, grassroots beginner women’s cycling development program, 2015-2020.

Member, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Previously: Founding board member, vice president, BicycLincoln (non-profit community cycling advocacy, Lincoln, Nebraska), Sheclismo cycling team.

Woman in a high-speed mountain bike race, leaning through a turn
Hopping back into an elite mountain bike race “just for fun” in the summer of 2021.

2021: New fun things, fulfilling my dream to be a commentator!

Invited as a guest and then regular commentator on the Cyclocross Radio Media Pit podcast, talking about World Cup Mountain Biking.

Committed to trail stewardship as a core volunteer with the Belmont Plateau Trails Alliance.

2020: Well, I’d thought about going back to racing, but then there was a pandemic…

2019: Time to focus on the job, just do a couple CX races for fun. 

Best race ever: cyclocross on a tandem with my husband. The hardest, most fun I’ve had on a bike. Still leading weekly cyclocross skills practices.

2018: XC & CX, up that skills game

Investing in a bigger XC calendar this season, after attending Michaux MTB School with Harlan Price and upping my skill game. 

Winner, Mid-Atlantic SuperSeries in W Pro/Elite/Cat 1. 

UCI CX season in an even more competitive mid-Atlantic field, culminating with a 6th place at Louisville CX Nationals in the 35-39 and 14th place in Singlespeed.

Philly PhlyerTTTW Open2/6
Fair Hill XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 12/11Flatted out of the lead on Lap 2, caught back up to finish 15 seconds behind 1st.
French Creek XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 15/11So muddy
Bear Creek XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 15/9On the Nationals course, very technical
Ramsey’s Revenge XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 13/9Another deep field!
Neshaminy XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 13/5Slick but fast
Granogue XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 15/10Crash in the prologue, chased back to lead group, competitive race for 4/5
Big Elk XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 15/13Extremely competitive field with lots of position changes. Clinched series win!
GO Cross UCI Day 1CXUCI Elite Women, C225/27Wow, that was hot and hard. Lead lap. 
Go Cross UCI Day 2CXUCI Elite Women, C223/27Same, but worse. 80%’d at one to go.
Nittany UCI CXCXUCI Elite Women, C221/27Lead lap despite some dumb mistakes and not feeling well.
Cooper River Cross CRCXCXWomen Open Cat1/2/310/18
Charm City Cross Day 1CXUCI Elite Women C126/31A very muddy time thanks to a water main break!
Charm City Cross Day 2CXUCI Elite Women, C227/30So many bike changes
DCCX Day 1CXUCI Elite Women, C228/32
DCCX Day 2CXUCI Elite Women, C229/32
HPCXCXUCI Elite Women, C220/21Just ekeing out 20th place for a ProCX point
Swashbuckler CrossCXWomen Open Cat1/2/312/13Mechanical-plagued day
Sly Fox CrossCXSINGLE SPEED10/20After a strong showing in the Elite women, turned around to race with the SS men.
Sly Fox CrossCXWOMENS 1/2/33/9Got the holeshot and led the first lap with a gap before an unfortunate tangle with a stake. Still held on to the podium.
Baltimore Youth Cycling Frosty CrossCXWomen Cat1/2/3 Senior3/12A superb muddy, cold race
Capital ‘Cross ClassicCXWomen Cat1/2/3 1/2/312/20
Rainey Park CyclocrossCXWomen Open Cat 1/25/10Fine tune for Nationals
2018 US Cyclocross Nationals 18.2 Day 3CXWomen Master 35-39 Cat 1/2/36/26A really excellent day on a tough, technical, climber’s course. Caught behind an early crash, chased back up into the chase group and stayed competitive to the finish, just off the podium.
2018 US Cyclocross Nationals 18.2 Day 5CXWomen Singlespeed14/34More of a mud run than a cx race, but fun nonetheless!

2017: XC & CX, bit of a breakthrough season in the elites despite getting married and getting a promotion at work

Finished 3rd overall in the Mid-Atlantic SuperSeries in W Pro/Elite/Cat 1.

Finished cyclocross season ranked 34th for Cat 2, 90th in the U.S. for all women. 

Finished 3rd overall in the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross series for Elite Women. 

USAC CX NationalsCXW 30-3413/23Ice fest
Philly PhlyerTTTW Open2/6Two juniors on the squad!
MASS RelayMTB RelayW 3-person???Clocked some fast laps in silly costumes
Philly TTTTW 1/2/34/6Sure why not, best way to get a threshold test. In the rain.
Ramsey’s RevengeMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 13/8Strong race field
Granogue XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 14/8Muddy
Big Elk at Fair HillMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 12/6Muddy
Marysville XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 13/6Nipped by a bike throw! 
Whirlybird (MAC)CXW P/1/24/6
Nittany (MAC)CXW P/1/2/39/19
Trek CX CupCXUCI Women Elite, C239/46Being in a race with World Champion Sanne Cant, and all the other national champions there for the World Cup, was surreal!! Also it was deathly hot.
Trek CX CupCXW P/1/230/41Death Heat, not recovered.
Trek CX CupCXW 1/210/32Much better on Day 3!
Hippo CX (NJCX)CXW 1/2/34/161 pt
Charm City CX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C241/45
Charm City CX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C135/43slick!
Cooper River (MAC)CXW P/1/2/37/10
DCCX CXUCI Women Elite, C226/31Flat @ the start
DCCXCXUCI Women Elite, C226/33
HPCX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C221/33Downpour, finished far ahead of normal competition in this field.
Fair Hill (MAC)CXW 1/2/35/9
Sly Fox (PACX)CXW 1/2/33/19Very technical course, and I crushed it. 2 pts
West Chester (PACX)CXW 1/2/33/7PA State Championship, Silver. 1 pt
Riverton (PACX)CXW 1/2/34/9
Capital Cross CXW 1/2/310/10Don’t race when you’re sick
Solstice (PACX)CXW 1/2/33/13SNOW!!!! 2 pts
Rainey ParkCXW 1/2/34/8Racing in New York City is cool, especially in snow/mud

2016: Mostly CX, first UCI season

Upgraded to Cat 2 CX, UCI. 

Philly PhlyerTTTW Open2Less than one second off 1st!
Neshaminy XCMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 17/9Crashed hard out of the front group near the end of lap 1
Rapha Prestige AppalachiaEndurWomen2Brutally hot and hard, 110 miles
Nittany (MAC)CXUCI Women C235/38First UCI race!
Nittany (MAC)CXUCI Women C231/38
Town Hall (PACX)CXW 1/2/312/14
Caffeinated (NJCX)CXW 1/2/32/52 pts
Charm City CX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C241/48Very muddy
Charm City CX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C136/42YESS LEAD LAP 1st C1, Katie Compton did not catch me!
DCCX CXUCI Women Elite, C226/33
DCCXCXUCI Women Elite, C229/32My bike got run over by a bus last night. Learning SRAM and discs on the fly. 
HPCX (MAC)CXUCI Women Elite, C233/36Borrowed bike, many crashes
Sly Fox (PACX)CXW 1/2/311/14
Supercross CupCXUCI Women Elite, C243/45Brake fell out. Oops. 
Riverton (PACX)CXW 1/2/34/5

2015: A little road, just one XC, and getting that Cat 2 CX upgrade

Douleur en la Cul CircuitRRW 3/43/21sprint finish with 2nd place
Proces par Velo CourseRRW Open9/16Pack finish, 1st Cat 4
Ramsey’s RevengeMTBW Pro/Elite/Cat 14/5Sick, should not have raced
Riverton CriteriumCritW 1/2/318/23First race as a Road 3
Rapha Prestige VermontEndurW3Pushed a teammate for 19 miles
Granogue CXCXW 1/2/311/153rd place Cat 3, hot as hell
Nittany #2 MACCXW 3/45/493/20 Cat 3s, muddy!, 1 or 2 points
Town Hall PACXCXW 1/2/38/133rd place Cat 3
Quaker City PACXCXW 1/2/35/82nd place Cat 3
Cooper River NJCXCXW 1/2/35/92nd place Cat 3
Charm City CX #1 MACCXW 3/43/593/22 Cat 3s, 3 or 4 points
West Chester #1 PACXCXW 1/2/35/83rd place Cat 3
DCCX #1 Super 8CXW 3/46/276/17 Cat 3, last row start
DCCX #2 Super 8CXW 3/47/327/21 Cat 3, last row start
Sly Fox PACXCXW 1/2/310/173rd place Cat 3
Kutztown #2 PACXCXW 1/2/36/93rd Cat 3, lost sprint finish for 5th by ½ wheel

2014: Moved to the Mid-Atlantic from the Midwest, harsh wake-up call for a Cat 3 SS CX racer

Moved from Lincoln, NE, to Philadelphia, PA, mid-season.

Almanzo Royal 162EndurOpenN/A162-mile gravel event in MN, unscored
Gravel WorldsEndurW SS3/5Sprint finish with 2nd after 150 miles of racing!
Charm City CX #1CXW 3/421/49of 49, SS in open field, flatted last lap
Charm City CX #2CXW 3/418/54of 54, SS in open field
Flatwater Twilight CXCXW 1/2/32/2borrowed bike
Iron CrossEndurW SS1/3Golden Ticket to SSCXWC
Cooper River CXCXW 1/2/311/14demo bike
Cooper River CXCXSS Open21/22doubling up was a bad idea 
West Chester CXSS Open13/17fast dudes!
Sly FoxCXW 1/2/315/172nd Cat 3
PACX Finale West ChesterCXW 1/2/311/132nd Cat 3

2013: Lots of gravel races, and then a full CX season on a SS, culminating at SSCXWC13 Philly

Platte River Battle Royale 4-hourMTBW Marathon2/4State Champs. 
Almanzo 100EndurOpenN/A100 mile gravel
Dirty KanzaEndurW Open18/43200 mile gravel
Odin’s RevengeEndurW Open1160 mile gravel
Gravel WorldsEndurW SS1/3155 mile gravel
Star City CX SeacrestCXW 1/2/32/4SS in open class
Star City CX Seacrest #2CXW 1/2/32/3SS in open class
Star City CX Tanker HillCXW 1/2/31/1SS in open class
Omaha CX #1CXW Open3/7SS in open class, 1 point
Omaha CX #2CXW Open3/9SS in open class, 1 point
Pioneers Park CXCXW SS1/31st race of the day
Pioneers Park CXCXW 1/2/33/5SS in open class, 2nd race of the day! 1 point
NE CX ChampionshipsCXW SS1/21st race, state champ
NE CX ChampionshipsCXW 1/2/35/122nd race of the day, SS in open class
Jingle CX #1CXW 2/312/43SS in Open class
Jingle CX #2CXW 2/330/47SS in Open class, HILLY
Jingle CX #3CXW 2/322/32SS in open class, snow, hilly, sick
Bilenky Junkyard CXCX3/25Bilenky race at SSCXWC13 
SSCXWC13 PhillyCXW7/40?Magical race in 6+” of snow

2012: Marathon MTB races and a full CX calendar

Swanson MTB 4-hourMTBW Marathon2/4
Tranquility MTB 4-hourMTBW Marathon1/345 miles
Platte River MTB 4-hourMTBW Marathon2/3
Ponca State Champs MTB 4-hourMTBW Marathon2/2rainstorm mudfest
NE State TT ChampionshipsRoad TTW 45/11
Gravel WorldsEndurW OpenDFL
Greenstreet Twilight CXCXM/W 3/414/291st woman
Fontenelle GPCXW Open3/8
Flatwater Twilight CX #2CXW 3/41/6
Flatwater Twilight CX #3CXM/W 1/2/325/274th woman
Pioneers Flatwater #1CXW Open2/3
Pioneers Flatwater #2CXW Open5/7
Spooky CX #1CXW 1/2/37/143rd cat 3
Spooky CX #2CXW 1/2/38/143rd cat 3
Boulevard Cup CXW 1/2/35/7
Greenstreet NE State Champs #1CXW Open6/12hot
Greenstreet NE State Champs #2CXW Open4/10cold!
Jingle Cross #2CXW 2/314/338th Cat 3
Jingle Cross #3CXW 2/313/276th Cat 3

2011: Marathon & Cat 2 XC MTB, a couple road events, and a huge cyclocross season 

Jewell TTMTBW TT1st27 minutes
Swanson STXCMTBW Short Track1stsprint finish with Cat 1 1st place
Platte XCMTBW Marathon2nd4 laps
Capital City CriteriumCritW Open/Cat 42/5 (Cat 4)7/10 (open)7th in Women’s Open
Pioneers GPRRW Open/Cat 45/7 Cat 411/13 (open)
Ponca XCMTBW Marathon2nd5 laps
Lewis & Clark TTMTBW Cat 21st32 minutes
Tranquility STXCMTBW Cat 21st6th overall with Master’s Men included
Tranquility XCMTBW Cat 21sttoo hot for marathon!
CSG MTB at Branched OakMTBW Sport2nd
Branched Oak XCMTBW Marathon1st7 laps
Swanson “backwards”MTBW Marathon1st6 laps
Gravel WorldsGravelWomen’s Open2nd16:46
Dakota 5-OMTBWomen’s 20-298th6:52
Bellevue CX #1CXW Cat 41st3rd in Women’s Open
Bellevue CX #2CXW Cat 41st2nd in Women’s Open
Flatwater Twilight CX #1CXB1st W11th overall men & women, 19 racers
USGP Ft. Collins #1CXW Cat 3/411th29 racers
USGP Ft. Collins #2CXW Cat 3/48th22 racers
Flatwater Twilight CX #2CXB1st W7th overall men & women, 24 total racers
Joules CX #1CXW Cat 3/45th2nd in 4s, 37 racers
Joules CX #2CXW Cat 3/47th4th of 4s, 28 racers
Flatwater Twilight CX #3CXB1st11th overall men & women, 22 racers 
Flatwater Twilight CX #4CXB1st16th overall men & women, 29 racers
Spooky CX #1CXW Cat 43rd10 racers
Spooky CX #2CXW Cat 45th12 racers
Midwest Trek Twilight #1CXB1st13th overall men & women, 20 racers
Boulevard CupCXW Cat 3/43rd1st Cat 4, 38 women racing! 
Midwest Trek Twilight #2CXB1st13th overall men & women, 27 racers
USGP Louisville #1CXW Cat 3/412th40 racers
USGP Louisville #2CXW Cat 3/413th37 racers
Flatwater CX #1CX3/49th4th for Cat 4, 24 racers
Flatwater CX #2CXWomen’s Open6th12 racers
Jingle Cross Rock #1CXW Cat 43rd24 racers
Jingle Cross Rock #2CXW Cat 44th24 racers
Jingle Cross Rock #3CXW Cat 43rd18 racers

2010: Let’s try out all the bike races (Incomplete results for MTB/CX, before USAC in NE did online results!)

Capital City CriteriumCritW Open/43/51st Cat 4
Babcock RRRRW 43/4raced with field of 27 Cat 5 men
Papillion CritCritW Open5/62nd Cat 4
Psycowpath MTB SeriesMTBW 3Raced the full series, winning the Cat 3 overall! Too long ago to find results anywhere.
CyclocrossCXW 4Several local races: Omaha CX 2 days, Boulevard Cup 1 day, Pioneers Park 1 day

2009: The dare that got me started

woman walks up a grass hill on a cyclocross course with a fixed gear bike on her shoulder

On a dare, I entered the 2009 Nebraska State Championship Cyclocross Race at Pioneers Park. Raced on a fixed gear with slick tires, street gearing, and only a front brake. Finished 4th of 5 in the Cat 4s. Was hooked on bike racing and couldn’t wait to come back for more the following year!