Crash/Burn, Crash/Burn

So today has been a lovely rainy day. I was afraid, at first, that the rain was on my parade, as I had scheduled a three-hour film shoot with David at his home this morning, and was hoping to stage it on his deck. Rain kept me inside, however, and this was likely a fortunate turn, for I am sure my sound recording was far better indoors.
David and I had a wonderful hour of Socratic filmmaking, with ample references to texts ranging from Foucault/Eco, to Global/Local to John Neihardt. He is so articulate, yet so natural. And, dare I admit, just as I was moved to tears driving through the Sandhills last week, so too was I moved to tears listening to him talk about the beauty of them.
I left David’s, and met Nate Young for lunch. We ended up at Holyland Cuisine, and enjoyed delicious food, freshly prepared, followed by Arabic tea and complimentary baklava. The owner was so nice, he nearly had us leaving without paying for our meal, which of course we would not allow him to do. During our meal — and particularly over the tea we were so elegantly served and given a wonderful description of how it is enjoyed in the Arab world — we had a great and inspiring discussion, mostly about film and film theory, but also about culture and our current metaphysical conditions. Nate’s a great guy.
Then I came back to the office, only to find out that the video I’ve been working on for the Morrison-Exon Dinner next weekend will not be shown, seeing as though the Party would rather have two more tables of guests than set up a projector. Now, I don’t know what kind of projector they were planning on using, but they sure didn’t ask me before making this decision. Apparently, they might still be able to put the video on televisions in the hallway or lobby of the hotel. So I guess Barack Obama won’t be seeing my artistic brilliance after all.

The Visual Screening is in Omaha TONIGHT at 7:00PM (doors at 6:30) in the UNO Art Building.

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