Mathias brought the wonderful poet Sawako Nakayasu to the reading series at Nebraska Wesleyan last night. She opened the reading with this poem, Battery:

We get lost in the desert, lost very lost, and although we aren’t
going to tell anyone that we can’t possibly be any more than two miles
from civilization, the fact remains that we are lost very lost in the
desert very desert, and the car very car is having a hard very hard
very hard time getting started up again, and so we kick it very kick
it in its ass very ass and the car is still having a hard very hard
time and we are feeling lost all the more lost very lost in this
desert very desert, and there is no one around us no no one very
around us at all very all and there are birds very birds of which
there are many very many, but the birds very birds don’t know don’t
know how to help us and us and us help start the car very car and we
are more lost more lost and we need help need very very help need very
very help help and there is no no no one aroud us except if you count
count count those ants in the ant hill that is all we have all we have
are the ants very ants and then we wire them up yes wire them up yes I
said wire wire wire and with the force of all the ants all wired all
wired up and then on the count of three we all yell “CHARGE!”

Wow. There were several poems from her ant series, some works she’d translated from Japanese poets, a hockey love poem, and more. I was just floored by her reading and her work, like at no other reading I’ve ever seen. Also, I’d really like to make some animatronic ants now.

Looks like this fellow beat me to it.

That’s ok. I can’t build robots anyway.

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