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My Ultimate Influence?

Mathias sent me this link this morning. I used to sing this song all the time when I was little. My parents had a strict no-commercial-television policy, so all I watched was PBS, with a heavy dose of Sesame Street. This bordered on addiction, and my parents had VHS tapes full of episodes for the … Continue reading »

two very different videos

for the lighter side of politics (bless Wilber, Nebraska) and for the jamming out h/t for the jam, my boss for the B.E.E.R. party candidate for president

terry tate

more and one more i’m guessing y’all are looking forward to the election being over so these incessant political posts cease…

Go Coz!

Jim and Carrie have some great Bostons. And the hippest house ever. Gah, look at that furniture.