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Ice Rain Bike Commute

Leaving the State Office Building: “You’re crazy. You sure you don’t want a ride?” M Street, Centennial Mall to 18th: Not bad at all 18th Street, M Street to J Street: No big troubles here, easy crossings of L and K, and mostly clear street. See a biker on the sidewalk, front tire slips, contemplate … Continue reading »

snow commute

4℉ this morning, snowing, but no wind, and i’ll stop dissing my mtb. i had a fun ride. this was what it looked like out my window all morning. good weather for editing. this afternoon, different story. it wasn’t snowing anymore, but the cars had packed things down pretty well, and the ruts were pretty … Continue reading »

Alternative Fuels

Last night, I got in touch with Lou at FoxWear. He custom makes rain pants that, according to the IceBiker, are amazing. My e-mail correspondence with him gives me great confidence that he’s a rad dude in Idaho who will keep my legs warm and dry for my second winter of commuting. In honor of … Continue reading »

proud (if a bit frozen) face

I biked to work today on a sheet of ice covered in a bit of snow and topped off with a crusty, icy topping that had been formed by the 16mph north wind, making the 1 degree temperature feel like -18 degrees. I bike straight north, and boy I felt awesome after that.