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Tri-State Century

Melissa & I headed to the northeast corner of the state to do some camping and biking over the weekend. We staked out a really nice camping spot at Ponca State Park Saturday night. Setting up tents together and leaning our bikes up near them felt like BRAN — but with far superior camping. At … Continue reading »

Start of Summer Athleticism

Passing time, the National Way. Inaugural game of 2009 at Lewis Fields was a 13-10 victory for Team One. Saturday ladies road ride to Bennet via Roca. Though both days held dramatic storm clouds, we stayed dry. Too bad, really, because we need the rain.

easy like a sunday morning

enjoying espresso, guitar, and an amp that makes a noise like wind. a warm laptop, a warm lapcat. my litter box in itis a dead penguinflippers up my highway on itis a dripping trainsetsinking slowly my relatives from themis learning to choose brown or redtaking brown ones only