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Best Portrait

This photo sums me up in so many ways. Thanks to the nice stranger who was there to step in as I tried self-portraiture after riding 100 miles.


Fast-moving thunderstorms are not uncommon in Nebraska. I thought I could beat the one that blew through this morning. I packed my toast & peanut butter breakfast, left my coffee unfinished, and headed out the door as the weirdly-golden sky changed to sprinkles. Then utter downpour, with 50 mph wind gusts and pea-sized hail to … Continue reading »

Thunderstormy Sunday

Becca & I went down to the Mill this morning for some coffee and rainwatching on the dock. The streetlights kept coming on and off as the sky darkened and lightened. Very subtly, though, making me wish I’d had my proper video camera for a longer timelapse. Yum, creole lait & a honey peanut muffin. … Continue reading »

Wildlife Ride & Dinner

Jennie & I felt the need to mellow out yesterday afternoon, so we went for a nice little ride to Roca. It was a journey filled with wildlife. First, and most exciting, my foot was a mere couple of inches from a huge snake. We screamed for a good long while and I didn’t have … Continue reading »

First Tornado/Thunderstorm of 2009

I have what would best be described as a morbid fascination with tornadoes. As a child, I got extremely upset when everyone went outside as Ken Siemeck implored us to get in our basements. I had a little suitcase packed full of my favorite matchbox cars, die cast John Deere implements, and maybe a doll … Continue reading »

memorially riding day bikes

This morning, Felice, Mathias, and I headed out on city trails for a good long ride. Near my house, we saw lots of downed trees from last night’s storm. The 60+ mph wind gusts made the trees look like this, even with a fast shutter speed. My neighbor, however, was so committed to finishing her … Continue reading »

Training Week: Ride #1

View Larger Map Google’s new map embed feature is still a little unironed, seeing as though my initial plotted map showed us going straight down 14th Street, not onto Warlick and Hwy 77 — well, also, not to mention the bike paths we went on can’t be selected — but this is a pretty good … Continue reading »