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Premiere of When We Stop Counting

Facebook | Premiere of When We Stop Counting Please join us at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center on October 26th at 7 PM for the premiere of When We Stop Counting. Students and directors Brent Meier and Elisabeth Reinkordt will be answering questions following the screening. The film will also be premiering in … Continue reading »

Stolen Bike Alert!

Brent got his bike stolen Tuesday night. My Bike Friends, It is a sad day. Last night during Haymarket drinks my beloved Pista was wrested from its Starlit place. Please keep an eye out for it at the pawn/bike shop. Call me in the event of seeing it for its recovery/killing the shit out of … Continue reading »

Proud of Friends Edition

My friend Rob Sand (b. Decorah, Iowa), one of the first people I met in college & also one of very few fellow Brunonians to return to the Midwest (currently in year 2 at University of Iowa Law), has just had his undergraduate thesis written up by Harvard Law scholar Larry Lessig. It’s some solidly … Continue reading »

More Cabinetting

So my former boss is being suggested as a candidate for Secretary of Education in the Obama Administration. I urge you to look into the matter, and write a few words in support, if you agree. Perhaps I’ll bloviate on the subject a little more later…. Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

Obama has name-dropped Michael Pollan….sign this petition! OPINION | December 11, 2008Op-Ed Columnist: Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF When Barack Obama chooses his agriculture secretary, we need a bold reformer in a position renamed “secretary of food.”

Apparently, Bikes Aren’t Transportation

…and neither are your feet. Salon reports that Bush’s Transportation Secretary, Mary Peters, has made clear that she (and her bosses) believe that using federal funds to make bike paths for pedestrians and cyclists alike has zero to do with transportation infrastructure, except, of course, that it’s taking dollars away from fixing roads and bridges. … Continue reading »