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Gravel Worlds 2011

Sheesh, for a professional photographer, I sure didn’t take many photos yesterday. This is definitely attributable to the task at hand, the completion of the Gravel World Championships. If you haven’t heard of this, read up. Completing the Pirate Cycling League‘s Gravel Worlds has been one of my biggest goals of the year. And even … Continue reading »

This is exciting

Ben Russell is on Vimeo. Daumë from Ben Russell on Vimeo. (7:00, 16mm, color/B/W, sound, 2000) “One of the strangest films I have ever seen; its characters come and go as if they’re ‘primitives’ posing for the camera, either obeying or fighting an ethnographer’s controlling eye.” – Fred Camper, Chicago Reader That’s the first film … Continue reading »

Rad Dude Robbie

One of my favorite dudes is also one of the raddest dudes, made officially so by the internet as of today.  Yeah, Robbie.