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Two different sessions with Big C

This evening, Conrad and I headed out for some roadie miles. We surveyed the windstorm damage in Denton, where lots of trees were down. We also saw lots of hailed-on and wind-damaged cornfields. Bummer. After we capped the ride with a margarita, we caught the moonrise at the 27th & Hwy 2 bridge. A little … Continue reading »

First Tornado/Thunderstorm of 2009

I have what would best be described as a morbid fascination with tornadoes. As a child, I got extremely upset when everyone went outside as Ken Siemeck implored us to get in our basements. I had a little suitcase packed full of my favorite matchbox cars, die cast John Deere implements, and maybe a doll … Continue reading »

storms! storms!

warnings and touchdowns and hails and winds and tornadoes and counties being listed off and my cat’s watching a mosquito killer making circles on the ceiling


The sky out my window, facing west,Is a soupy green right now. The color of June fourth JuniAki’s twenty-first birthday.