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Start of Summer Athleticism

Passing time, the National Way. Inaugural game of 2009 at Lewis Fields was a 13-10 victory for Team One. Saturday ladies road ride to Bennet via Roca. Though both days held dramatic storm clouds, we stayed dry. Too bad, really, because we need the rain.

Cats vs. Dogs

Friday evening, post-FAC at the Zoo Bar in celebration of Reynold Peterson’s birthday, Brent, Sarah, Ande & I headed to Haymarket Park for the Saltdogs season opener. Sadly, the photo doesn’t really show that this was a Cats vs. Dogs endeavor. There were some great clouds to the west, and the weather was perfect for … Continue reading »

Skater Steve

I’ve been meaning to give a shout-out to Steve for a while now. He’s been producing some great skate videos, really showing how much you can do with a cheap pocket camera. Here are Lincoln’s own legendary skateboarders Steve (aka Venom) & Phil (of Precision Skateboards) in Skate Date; you can find many more of … Continue reading »


I’ve been skiing in Colorado for the past five days. I have learned while here in Colorado that spin-offs spin off spin-offs. Public Enemy > Flavor Flav > Flavor of Love > I Love New York …or is it?