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Calving Time

A little early start this year, but as Mami said today, “At least now, it’s February!” Last Sunday, a first-time mother gave birth to a little bull calf. It was very cold, and beginning to snow, so my mom & Chris carried the calf into the barn, where we’d put down some straw. Generally, the … Continue reading »

snow commute

4℉ this morning, snowing, but no wind, and i’ll stop dissing my mtb. i had a fun ride. this was what it looked like out my window all morning. good weather for editing. this afternoon, different story. it wasn’t snowing anymore, but the cars had packed things down pretty well, and the ruts were pretty … Continue reading »

proud (if a bit frozen) face

I biked to work today on a sheet of ice covered in a bit of snow and topped off with a crusty, icy topping that had been formed by the 16mph north wind, making the 1 degree temperature feel like -18 degrees. I bike straight north, and boy I felt awesome after that.