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Inlight Richmond

Fantastic poet and wonderful person Joshua Poteat invited me to add video projection to an art installation he was putting together in Richmond, Virginia, this weekend. Honored to be asked, I submitted a piece that is of sunshine through trees that ends up looking like stars, one that lends itself well to projection. Well, the … Continue reading »

Good Morning, Sunset Park

It was an early Saturday morning. I was going to do the Spring Fling ride, but my crew kinda fell through and it’s cold and rainy. I was up, though, and so were a pack of poets in Brooklyn. Despite what she may have feared, Jules will never look like a man to me. We … Continue reading »

This Is Just To Say

after William Carlos Williams I ran overyour midsectionthis morningon 14th Street and youwere probably justlookingto escape the drain Forgive meyou were so squishyand I was in a hurryto get to work.


I’m really happy about the poem Mathias and I wrote for Anders. … ANDERS PETERSON by Elisabeth Reinkordt & Mathias Svalina A is for AWESOME. You are awesome! N is for NEATNESS. You are very neat (as in tidy). D is for DEBONAIRE. You are well-dressed, sophisticated, and at ease, showing ease of manner, elegance, … Continue reading »

New York Mathias Reading

Mathias Svalina, NoCoastFilm’s most pimped poet, will be reading in Brooklyn tonight. You really do owe it to yourself to be there. He likes wolves, and writes poems about them with Jules Cohen. Kitchen Press & Cannibal Booksinvite you to eat from the chopping blockw/ Erin Elizabeth Burke Run Down the Emphasis (Kitchen)Thibault Raoult I’ll … Continue reading »

Mathias Svalina & Zachary Schomburg

The Omaha Reader published a nice article by Avishay Artsy (of NET Radio News) on Zach, Mathias, the Clean Part reading series, Octopus Books, and contemporary poetry in general. The Clean Part: This Saturday, October 27th, 7pm, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery: Ana Bozicevic-Bowling, Julia Cohen & Ken Rumble Theme: Fox Masks Poetry Out LoudReading series … Continue reading »

Poetry! Video Art! Politics!

I went to this reading last night. It was quite simply excellent. Hawkey had me from his first words and I could hardly believe 45 minutes had gone by when he finished. I won’t do better than Mathias Svalina‘s review: Christian Hawkey. Citizen Of. Wave Books, 2007. Review by Mathias Svalina Within a limited set … Continue reading »

You Should Be Getting This

Hot off the New Michigan Press — 2007 Chapbook Contest Winner Mathias Svalina’s manuscript Creation Myths. Get it as soon as you can, read it, maybe take it to dinner or buy it a new pair of shoes.