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Inaugural Blog

Wow. And it is done, and it is good. 11:51 AM CST… And, three minutes to go.10:57 AM CST Trying out the flurry of Facebook/CNN live status updates.10:37 AM CST E, regarding Lynne Cheney: What did she ever see in him? E & Mom, in unison: Power.10:25 AM CST Transfer of power happens exactly at … Continue reading »

A loss for the world of televisual manipulation

I’ve just learned that it is quite common among new flat-screen LCD or plasma HD type televisions not to have a video output. This means one cannot record the signal emanating from the TV (i.e. broadcast television) onto another medium such as a tape or into a computer editing program. First, I am bummed because … Continue reading »

More Cabinetting

So my former boss is being suggested as a candidate for Secretary of Education in the Obama Administration. I urge you to look into the matter, and write a few words in support, if you agree. Perhaps I’ll bloviate on the subject a little more later…. Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

Obama has name-dropped Michael Pollan….sign this petition! OPINION | December 11, 2008Op-Ed Columnist: Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF When Barack Obama chooses his agriculture secretary, we need a bold reformer in a position renamed “secretary of food.”

Wer sind wir?

Wer sind wir? Wo kommen wir her? Wohin gehen wir? Was erwarten wir? Was erwartet uns? Viele fühlen sich nur als verwirrt. Der Boden wankt, sie wissen nicht warum und von was. Dieser ihr Zustand ist Angst, wird er bestimmter, so ist er Furcht. Einmal zog einer aus, das Fürchten zu lernen. Das gelang in … Continue reading »