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Social Media

Powerful bit of short-form documentary work from the NYT on suicide among returning Iraq veterans, including self-documentation from the victim, showing just how saturated we all are in recording technology.

On Language

Ben Schott has a nice little tidbit in the NYT on language — as has been much lamented by many as Twitter increases its presence — as it changes when limited. Rather than abbreviating with acronyms, maybe we should return to this code of telegraphy, no?

Thunderstormy Sunday

Becca & I went down to the Mill this morning for some coffee and rainwatching on the dock. The streetlights kept coming on and off as the sky darkened and lightened. Very subtly, though, making me wish I’d had my proper video camera for a longer timelapse. Yum, creole lait & a honey peanut muffin. … Continue reading »

Speaking of Video…

My college classmate and good friend Molly Lambert got herself in the New York Times Magazine, writing and videoblogging about her favorite Screen Gem of 2008. Nice work, Moll•E.

Proud Roommate!

I’m so proud of Marika! Rwanda: Hospital’s Design Keeps Fresh Air in Mind In the dark corridors and congested waiting rooms of rural hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa, tuberculosis can spread like a rumor in a small town. A patient who comes in with a broken leg might leave with a deadly disease.… The hospital’s construction … Continue reading »

Film and Other Diversions

Films I’ve seen recently that I need to review at length:Manufactured Landscapes Sans Soleil Films from the TIE Exhibition, particularly Vom Innen, Von Aussen or not so recently:Paprika Into Great Silence And lastly, a film I just might not see, unless the right person twists my arm…The Darjeeling Limited From the NY Times style section … Continue reading »

Palm Pilot

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has finally done something important to advance the cause of justice. He has resigned. (NY Times, 8-28-07) Today’s Science Times has a nice bit of research on non-verbal communication, a linguistic bridge of sorts between the human world and our relatives. Palms up, the universal sign for a handout, is apparently … Continue reading »

Friday Cat Post

Robbie’s back stateside, and in honor of that, one amazing Friday cat. Science Times examines the first domestication of wild cats. Those smarty-pants meowsers went ahead and domesticated themselves when they figured out that humans were beginning to store grain, which in turn was beginning to make mice available. Meow!