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& more New York photos

David Noriega has some coffee. The view from Alex’s window (thanks for the bed). Meeting Barbara. At the MoMA, people are sassy on their way to the restrooms. See Minnesota State Capitol for their restroom use policy. Immersive video installation that suggests taking off your shoes and suggests an eyeball, at least from above.

From DC to NYC

I left DC yesterday evening, spoiling myself a little with an Amtrak ticket instead of taking the bus. Good decision, especially since I got to spend a little time in Union Station. When we passed through Baltimore, I looked for Omar and Snoop on the dark streets full of vacants. No dice. I got to … Continue reading »

Two Acts, Overheard

Act I 1. Pancake 2. We don’t have pancakes1. He said “pancakes”2. No pancakes1. I swear, “pancakes”2. Pound cake1. Pound cake!2. It sounds like pancake!1. Oh, pound cake!2. Pancake, pound cake, pancake, pound cake1. Pancake, pound cake, pancake, pound cake2. Pancake, pound cake1. Ok, I need some pound cake Act II Mommy, but did you … Continue reading »

New York Mathias Reading

Mathias Svalina, NoCoastFilm’s most pimped poet, will be reading in Brooklyn tonight. You really do owe it to yourself to be there. He likes wolves, and writes poems about them with Jules Cohen. Kitchen Press & Cannibal Booksinvite you to eat from the chopping blockw/ Erin Elizabeth Burke Run Down the Emphasis (Kitchen)Thibault Raoult I’ll … Continue reading »

No Vampires

Mathias Svalina’s poembook Why I Am White is now out from Kitchen Press. Get it. Mathias will be doing the book release reading in Brooklyn on November 2nd. I think poets need roadies, so I’m attempting to develop the Poet-Roadie persona between now and then. Last night, Ande, Mathias and I made an excellent array … Continue reading »

Cycling in Brooklyn

Spent the afternoon/evening biking around Brooklyn with my dudes John and Alex. They had an extra ’70s Schwinn roadie, lady-frame, for someone about 6 inches shorter than me. We posted it all the way up, and I rode very upright in my dress. Took a few blocks to get the feel for riding against traffic, … Continue reading »

From Pride to Predator

This morning, walking in to work, I saw a woman step nonchalantly a foot out of her way to crush a roach, then pause a half-step back, posing in satisfaction. Yesterday, Ben told me all about cheeseburgers. He could not eat them; his tongue felt like he imagined it would be like if he had … Continue reading »