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Gina’s Birthday

When we met up for a celebratory drink on Gina’s birthday yesterday, I’d forgotten my camera at home. However, today’s visit provided a much better photo opportunity anyway, as Chiot and Gina came to show off her new gift from Cass. Bike trailer fun! Look at those Kovanda ladies go! Rumbletime, Bitch!?!

Pizza Night Part Two: Gina Joins In

After having rough days at work, Gina & I had beers and made pizzas. This time, toppings included: Grated ParmesanPecorino RomanoMozzarellaOil-Cured OlivesSauceSpicesGarlicBaby SpinachCrimini Mushrooms In case the three cheeses on the pizza wasn’t enough, we also had some Fromage d’Affinois on Le Quartier’s White Sourdough. Yum!

Spring, sprung

Today makes it official, but last weekend felt like the start of spring. Belatedly posted, above, my newest riding buddy & finest of neighbors, Gina, in front of the sadly not open Roca Tavern. Below, my dad grills a leg of kid from Green Glade farm.

Garlic Scapes

My new neighbor grows garlic. Lots of it. I clearly moved to the right neighbor. Tonight, I made garlic scape pesto. Bunch of Garlic ScapesPecorino RomanoOlive OilPistachios (!) I put it on some leftover Mac&Cheese. Anders put it on some freshly made Mac&Cheese&Tuna. Dottie was more interested in the tuna.