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Best Portrait

This photo sums me up in so many ways. Thanks to the nice stranger who was there to step in as I tried self-portraiture after riding 100 miles.

As found in Nebraska…

Felice sent me this grocery list: i found the following grocery list in FoodPride on A St.: 3- 8oz pkg cream cheese 1 Envelope Ranch dressing Lime jello sm mini marsh – multi 1 No2 can crushed pine Mayo 1 c Nuts 1 Cool whip

0% Chance of Rain

With a perfect weather forecast unbelievable for the middle of July, Felice and I loaded up Baxter and camping gear after work yesterday for a night at Indian Cave State Park. As soon as we’d staked out a good camping spot, we hit the trails for some lovely magic hour views of the Missouri River. … Continue reading »

Wednesday Roca Rollers Ride

I headed out after work today after several days of excuses not to ride. Other than scoping out a bit of the triathlon course, I didn’t have a route in mind. I hopped on Hwy 2, and thought about heading to Syracuse, thanks to a little BRAN-induced nostalgia. I got fed up with the traffic … Continue reading »

On Landscape, Corn, and Cather

As we were driving back from the Niobrara yesterday, my mother and I were discussing the changing landscape as we passed from Sandhills to flat plains to the rolling hills of the southeastern corner of the state. Near Bassett, my father said he loved driving through the Sandhills — which are looking particularly verdant right … Continue reading »

The Feeling of the Place

After being in Red Cloud (Willa Cather‘s hometown) while on BRAN, I decided I needed to re-read My √Āntonia.* In just the introduction, I’m compelled to stop reading in order to transpose a few choice sentences. As Cather & Jim are on the train, as adults, returning to “Black Hawk”: We were talking about what … Continue reading »