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Monday night, Mart & Jennie & I drove out to the farm so they could say farewell to Nebraska. We watched the sun set from my favorite tree and listened to the birds for a long time. We’ll miss you two. Come back to visit!

Wildlife Ride & Dinner

Jennie & I felt the need to mellow out yesterday afternoon, so we went for a nice little ride to Roca. It was a journey filled with wildlife. First, and most exciting, my foot was a mere couple of inches from a huge snake. We screamed for a good long while and I didn’t have … Continue reading »


One of the nicest things about homeownership/place-based permanancy — the nearly 100 tulip bulbs I planted with my mom in the fall will be a gift that keeps on giving. Beautiful! The daffodils were here already — a thanks to residents past. There is forsythia & a hyacinth, too!

This Is Just To Say

after William Carlos Williams I ran overyour midsectionthis morningon 14th Street and youwere probably justlookingto escape the drain Forgive meyou were so squishyand I was in a hurryto get to work.

Sandhill Cranes

When I was out in Wood River Wednesday, I had a few minutes to spare to take some photos — and take in the sound — of the Sandhill Cranes. Beautiful. Even without a telephoto, I got some croppable images. I’m especially fond of that last one, where the cranes appear to mirror one another. … Continue reading »

Abandoned Asian Amusements

Dark Roasted Blend has a fantastic little collection of photographs of abandoned amusement parks in a few Asian countries. I don’t particularly like amusement parks — I was very prone to motion sickness as a kid, and since my dad was also, we tended to stay far away. Ande, for his 24th birthday, wanted nothing … Continue reading »

Full Moon

I couldn’t really get a photo that accurately represented the magnitude of tonight’s rising full moon. I can, however, hook you up with some sweet wolf paraphernalia.

Bike Church in the Heat

Last night’s Eagle ride was hot’n’humid on the way out, all full of nature on the way back. Anders, Ben, Jane and I set off a little before 6, and with Ben leading the pack at a fierce pace for the heat and the drunk Anders. No worries, it felt pretty great once we made … Continue reading »