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This American Life Impresses Once Again

Do yourself a favor, sit down without distractions, and listen to this. Episode 375: Bad Bank The collapse of the banking system explained, in just 59 minutes. Our crack economics team—the guys who explained the mortgage crisis, Alex Blumberg and NPR’s Adam Davidson—are back to help all of us understand the news. For instance, when … Continue reading »

And he’s funny, too!

I have had the hots for Brian Williams for as long as I can remember. Swoon. The interview is the best part, but the references to Jon Stewart’s earlier jokes make watching the entire episode worthwhile.

A loss for the world of televisual manipulation

I’ve just learned that it is quite common among new flat-screen LCD or plasma HD type televisions not to have a video output. This means one cannot record the signal emanating from the TV (i.e. broadcast television) onto another medium such as a tape or into a computer editing program. First, I am bummed because … Continue reading »

Chinese girl gets ‘kiss of deaf’

elisabeth saw this story on the BBC News website and thought youshould see it. ** Chinese girl gets ‘kiss of deaf’ **A young woman has been left partially deaf in China following a passionate kiss from her boyfriend.< >

Start Making Sense

As in the aftermath of any trip, I have returned to the routine accompanied by a distinct sense of malaise. Questions are never just answered, much less so by jaunts in what-might-be lands of make-believe, and yet, just like a snowglobe that sat collecting dust for months, a little shake makes the world look magical, … Continue reading »