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Poets in Denver

After helping Becca move to Ft. Collins, I headed down to Denver to visit Jules & Mathias and D’Count in their new home. This is their dog park. Not satisfied to be so close to the mountains without venturing up a bit, Jules & I headed up into Rocky Mountain National Park this morning before … Continue reading »

Good Morning, Sunset Park

It was an early Saturday morning. I was going to do the Spring Fling ride, but my crew kinda fell through and it’s cold and rainy. I was up, though, and so were a pack of poets in Brooklyn. Despite what she may have feared, Jules will never look like a man to me. We … Continue reading »


I’m really happy about the poem Mathias and I wrote for Anders. … ANDERS PETERSON by Elisabeth Reinkordt & Mathias Svalina A is for AWESOME. You are awesome! N is for NEATNESS. You are very neat (as in tidy). D is for DEBONAIRE. You are well-dressed, sophisticated, and at ease, showing ease of manner, elegance, … Continue reading »

My Ultimate Influence?

Mathias sent me this link this morning. I used to sing this song all the time when I was little. My parents had a strict no-commercial-television policy, so all I watched was PBS, with a heavy dose of Sesame Street. This bordered on addiction, and my parents had VHS tapes full of episodes for the … Continue reading »

Stars of the Lid

Friday night, Jules, Mathias and I left the far reaches of Sunset Park to see some Wordless Music at (le) Poisson Rouge. We practiced making angry faces on the train. Stars of the Lid had some pretty incredible video projections going on, proving that Final Cut Pro’s kaleidoscope filter can be put to good use. … Continue reading »

From DC to NYC

I left DC yesterday evening, spoiling myself a little with an Amtrak ticket instead of taking the bus. Good decision, especially since I got to spend a little time in Union Station. When we passed through Baltimore, I looked for Omar and Snoop on the dark streets full of vacants. No dice. I got to … Continue reading »

New York Mathias Reading

Mathias Svalina, NoCoastFilm’s most pimped poet, will be reading in Brooklyn tonight. You really do owe it to yourself to be there. He likes wolves, and writes poems about them with Jules Cohen. Kitchen Press & Cannibal Booksinvite you to eat from the chopping blockw/ Erin Elizabeth Burke Run Down the Emphasis (Kitchen)Thibault Raoult I’ll … Continue reading »