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Migas Breakfast

Love it when I wake up early enough to make a breakfast rather than just having a bowl of cereal. Recent kick: migas. Take a couple corn tortillas, cut into strips, and toss into an omelet pan with a bit of olive oil. Add 2-3 eggs — the ones from Common Good Farm are amazing … Continue reading »


Mom took me to lunch at Maggie‘s yesterday before she headed to the Community Blood Bank. Ah, the retired life. Above, a delicious seasonal/local roasted veggie wrap. Below, gazpacho, also deliciously local. When she dropped me off back at my office, I wished her luck with the vampires. Elisabeth: Have fun with the vampires.Jane: You … Continue reading »

Macro Food

I’ve been eating well recently… Le Quartier pizza crust with a sautéed portabella & caramelized onions, fresh tomato, Parmesan & pecorino romano. Strawberry from Princeton Produce, consumed with Le Quartier bread, Branched Oak Farm Quark, and Shadowbrook Farm pea shoots while watching the Capital City Criterium. “Cheesecake” made with shortbread, sweetened quark, and fresh strawberries. … Continue reading »

Slow Food Brunch 2009

Woke up to howling winds this morning, and I really had to work to crawl out from under the duvet. We missed the worst of the blizzard (allegedly, there are 5 foot drifts in central Nebraska), but the wind was gusting over 40mph, so I put on my trusty winter bike pants and headed into … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking for One: Feeling Local

I spent the day home & cleaning, ably assisted by bizarre weather (including, at one point, simultaneous tornado & winter storm warnings nearby) and good music. Breakfast was brought to me — in bed, no less — by my lovely honorary roommate Sally, who cooked up lemon-risotto pancakes with spiced apples on top. Delicious, and … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking for One: Hungry for Pizza

Pizza Night!With 30 mph winds and the threat of rain (and snow??), I knew I wouldn’t put in enough miles riding outside. A couple of aggressive young whippersnappers took all the fans in spin class for themselves, so I biked home sweaty without changing for the immediate air-conditioning effect into the south wind. I biked … Continue reading »

Spring, sprung

Today makes it official, but last weekend felt like the start of spring. Belatedly posted, above, my newest riding buddy & finest of neighbors, Gina, in front of the sadly not open Roca Tavern. Below, my dad grills a leg of kid from Green Glade farm.


Mega-local pizza for dinner: Crust from Le QuartierBed of fresh tomatoes from Mom’s gardenGarlic from next-door neighbor Rich’s gardenBasil from my front porchFresh Mozzarella from Branched Oak Farm not-so-local:Grated RomanoOil-cured olivesSpinachOlive oil

grill skills

This was delicious. Red pepper, yellow zucchini and fresh oregano from Common Good farm, shallots, garlic, onion and freshly ground pepper.