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Rapha Lincoln

Beautifully shot, though I find it somewhat clichéd & anachronistic to use a leader flare effect on what is clearly video. Read the Rapha journal here.

Kill County

Three From Ringo (Kill County) at Lincoln Exposed 2009 from nocoastfilms on Vimeo. Three songs from Kill County’s set, part of the Lincoln Exposed fest at Duffy’s Tavern, 2-12-2009. For eventual music video creation, I taped this set of Ringo’s. Beautiful.

The Tam

Brent & I enjoyed the warm evening air to bike to the Tam O’Shanter. Brent enjoyed the shag carpet on the wall. This is our new slogan. Might make a good name for our BRAN team. We biked through the fancy new arches along the Antelope Valley corridor.

Lincolnites try to make 13-hour song

From the Lincoln Journal-Star: By MICAH MERTES / Lincoln Journal StarMonday, Jun 02, 2008 – 12:19:24 am CDT They’re running a little late, so Mathias Svalina starts to strum a guitar and sing to no one, because they need to get this song started if they’re going to make it 13 hours. The movie “Top … Continue reading »