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Call the bluff

Ed Rendell finally says what I’ve been thinking for quite some time. I have stayed more silent that I should have about the health care bill. But one thing I’ve felt all along is that it is simply ridiculous that somehow the 60-vote supermajority displaced a simple 51-vote majority as the only way to go. … Continue reading »

Death Panel

Aside from being a funny name for a prescient agit-punk band, what amazes me about this whole death panel nonsense going around is that they are already in place! They’re called YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY (if you’re lucky enough to have one). I mean, at least a government-run death panel would have to have some semblance … Continue reading »

A report, quite brief

Monday I spent 0 hours on the computer. Tuesday I spent 13 hours on the computer. I liked Monday better. Also, I believe I have lost my love handles. And I’m not going to look for them anymore.