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Gravel Worlds 2014

After two months in Philadelphia, where my new bike friends heard more than a few grumblings about how hard it was to get away from the city, how Forbidden Drive might be a gravel surface but didn’t evoke the same feelings that I’d have on a gravel ride on the Great Plains, and more than … Continue reading »

Gravel Worlds 2011

Sheesh, for a professional photographer, I sure didn’t take many photos yesterday. This is definitely attributable to the task at hand, the completion of the Gravel World Championships. If you haven’t heard of this, read up. Completing the Pirate Cycling League‘s Gravel Worlds has been one of my biggest goals of the year. And even … Continue reading »

Getting out

Boy, do I love the winter thaw! After my disappointing end to ‘cross season and a longer-than-expected recovery period, I had a lot of trouble getting myself back in gear to put in base miles outside. The fact that we’d had plenty of snow and ice (generally things I really enjoy…well, at least the snow…) … Continue reading »

Gravel Worlds Video Recon

The Good Life Gravel Adventure/Gravel Worlds is only a few weeks away. Sunday, I went out with some of the crew to shoot video promoting the event. Sometimes, you find lounging furniture. Is this a dump or a hangout spot? Or just stadium seating for wheelie contests? Gravel grinders are all about where the pavement … Continue reading »