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East on the MoPac

Gina & I headed out this morning for some serious trail miles. It was pretty cool to start, but we were taking off the arm warmers before too long. Gina’s got a stylin’ new jersey, too. Serious water bottle concentration. Turnaround time. Faint hair metal blasting from a field somewhere nearby. Delicious and well-deserved beers … Continue reading »

Start Making Sense

As in the aftermath of any trip, I have returned to the routine accompanied by a distinct sense of malaise. Questions are never just answered, much less so by jaunts in what-might-be lands of make-believe, and yet, just like a snowglobe that sat collecting dust for months, a little shake makes the world look magical, … Continue reading »

Updates, Various

I’ve been up to this and that recently. Last weekend, I got flown to Detroit to film Bright Eyes in concert. My good friend Joey Lynch is on tour with them doing visuals, and so I got to spend some time with him, too. One of Joey’s screenprints, called Social Studies Animation with Joey Lynch … Continue reading »