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sorry, i’m trying to obsessively, compulsively catch up on my google reader subscriptions. they kind of piled up while i was away. maybe you should read what i’ve shared. it’s right over there, next to this post.

Big Brother’s Portfolio

Triple Canopy‘s Andrew Ti examines Google Street View and the art of photography. As I do not live in one of the major metropolitan areas, my neighborhood has not yet been “street viewed.” I was surprised to find out, however, that the farm has. And on a perfect summer-stormy-sky day!

Map My Ride

good training ride for after work daysFind more Bike Rides in Lincoln, Nebraska Oh, Google, the things you do for me. This is a ride Felice and I really enjoyed. A quick 11 miles, all on paved bike paths, that’s easy to do even if you’ve had a crash recently (this was originally a recovery … Continue reading »