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Gina’s Birthday

When we met up for a celebratory drink on Gina’s birthday yesterday, I’d forgotten my camera at home. However, today’s visit provided a much better photo opportunity anyway, as Chiot and Gina came to show off her new gift from Cass. Bike trailer fun! Look at those Kovanda ladies go! Rumbletime, Bitch!?!

East on the MoPac

Gina & I headed out this morning for some serious trail miles. It was pretty cool to start, but we were taking off the arm warmers before too long. Gina’s got a stylin’ new jersey, too. Serious water bottle concentration. Turnaround time. Faint hair metal blasting from a field somewhere nearby. Delicious and well-deserved beers … Continue reading »

Tuesday Night Neighbors

After long days (and an all-nighter for Gina) of being digital creatives, Gina & I hit the road. We escorted Felice to yoga, then headed to bread & cup for sandwiches and a beer. Check out those stretched out legs and the fancy road shoes at their ends! Refueled, we decided to head to Pioneers … Continue reading »

Riding to Branched Oak

After a late night of music & dancing — on the way home, I knew it was going to be rough in the morning — Gina & I headed out to get in some Saturday highway miles. Her voicemail at 9:59 AM: “Are we wearing lycra?” The answer is yes. To get her acquainted with … Continue reading »