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Late Night Greens

Whilst prepping & packing for Colorado (4:30 AM departure from Lincoln with Ms. Reddy to meet Ms. Hepburn in Ft. Collins), I made some killer garlic scape pesto with scapes from my neighbor Rich’s yard. I used pistachios as the nut of choice, and pecorino romano & parmesan to cheese it up. Bread from Le … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking: Peas!

I had both snow peas and regular snap peas from the farm, so I flash-fried them with some garlic scapes from my neighbor Rich, and added some soba noodles and sesame oil to round it out. The best thing right now is that when I take out the compost, the black raspberries that grow right … Continue reading »

Garlic Scapes

My new neighbor grows garlic. Lots of it. I clearly moved to the right neighbor. Tonight, I made garlic scape pesto. Bunch of Garlic ScapesPecorino RomanoOlive OilPistachios (!) I put it on some leftover Mac&Cheese. Anders put it on some freshly made Mac&Cheese&Tuna. Dottie was more interested in the tuna.