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To Be A Superfan

I’m all packed up to head to Iowa City for Jingle Cross. All year, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend — the closest really big race and a chance to line up with a bunch of women in a sport I’ve really come to love. Well, I won’t be lining up. A crash in … Continue reading »

KC Sprints at Duffy’s

Women’s final: Downtown Syd Brown vs. Eli”s”abeth Grindcore Shirtless grudge match: Rhino vs. Mr. T Great crowd! Soccer nerd grudge match: Matthew vs. Aaron MKGB practices aiming for the puke bucket

Notable Quotable 2009

As much of a gadget freak as I may be, I love my Slingshot organizer. More than anything, I like having it around to quickly jot down info about things I see, films while I’m watching them, and, most importantly for this post, funny things people I’m spending time with say. Here’s a collection of … Continue reading »

Weekend in Chicago

Last weekend, I went to Chicago. This is the view from Nate’s rooftop. Pretty great, especially after nine hours of driving. After a late-night party in Pilsen, Nate & I rode to breakfast at Lula in Logan Square. It was incredible. Having my own bike along made the long drive well worth it. On Saturday … Continue reading »

Tri-State Century

Melissa & I headed to the northeast corner of the state to do some camping and biking over the weekend. We staked out a really nice camping spot at Ponca State Park Saturday night. Setting up tents together and leaning our bikes up near them felt like BRAN — but with far superior camping. At … Continue reading »

Two different sessions with Big C

This evening, Conrad and I headed out for some roadie miles. We surveyed the windstorm damage in Denton, where lots of trees were down. We also saw lots of hailed-on and wind-damaged cornfields. Bummer. After we capped the ride with a margarita, we caught the moonrise at the 27th & Hwy 2 bridge. A little … Continue reading »

Eagle FAC

Evening plans shifted around a few times tonight, but Felice called at just the right time for an FAC ride out to Eagle. We were lucky to have the shack on the MoPac to ourselves for a nice long session with some PBR before continuing on to the One-Eyed Dog. Cheers to best friends!