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Bien Rica

In addition to meals, in the last two days, the members of my house have made yogurt, cucumber lemonade, multiple varieties of hummus, gazpacho, dried apples, and more. I think we’ve settled on an appropriate name for the house: Casa Bien Rica. Stop by for food sometime.

As found in Nebraska…

Felice sent me this grocery list: i found the following grocery list in FoodPride on A St.: 3- 8oz pkg cream cheese 1 Envelope Ranch dressing Lime jello sm mini marsh – multi 1 No2 can crushed pine Mayo 1 c Nuts 1 Cool whip

Migas Breakfast

Love it when I wake up early enough to make a breakfast rather than just having a bowl of cereal. Recent kick: migas. Take a couple corn tortillas, cut into strips, and toss into an omelet pan with a bit of olive oil. Add 2-3 eggs — the ones from Common Good Farm are amazing … Continue reading »

Kick-That-Cold Miso

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe… After a busy day at work where what started as a minor sniffle slowly elevated to a full-on head cold, I came home both exhausted and motivated to try to kick the cold in the ass. I’m so backlogged with stuff to edit and looming deadlines that … Continue reading »

Who Knew?

I just discovered canned dolmas. They’re on special right now at Open Harvest, and became an impulse buy for me Saturday. I thought there would be no way they’d compete with fresh, restaurant-made ones, but holy wow, they’re yummy. In other news, I’m spending my little employee benefit of a state holiday working on my … Continue reading »


Mom took me to lunch at Maggie‘s yesterday before she headed to the Community Blood Bank. Ah, the retired life. Above, a delicious seasonal/local roasted veggie wrap. Below, gazpacho, also deliciously local. When she dropped me off back at my office, I wished her luck with the vampires. Elisabeth: Have fun with the vampires.Jane: You … Continue reading »

Late Night Greens

Whilst prepping & packing for Colorado (4:30 AM departure from Lincoln with Ms. Reddy to meet Ms. Hepburn in Ft. Collins), I made some killer garlic scape pesto with scapes from my neighbor Rich’s yard. I used pistachios as the nut of choice, and pecorino romano & parmesan to cheese it up. Bread from Le … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking: Peas!

I had both snow peas and regular snap peas from the farm, so I flash-fried them with some garlic scapes from my neighbor Rich, and added some soba noodles and sesame oil to round it out. The best thing right now is that when I take out the compost, the black raspberries that grow right … Continue reading »

Macro Food

I’ve been eating well recently… Le Quartier pizza crust with a sautéed portabella & caramelized onions, fresh tomato, Parmesan & pecorino romano. Strawberry from Princeton Produce, consumed with Le Quartier bread, Branched Oak Farm Quark, and Shadowbrook Farm pea shoots while watching the Capital City Criterium. “Cheesecake” made with shortbread, sweetened quark, and fresh strawberries. … Continue reading »

Cats vs. Dogs

Friday evening, post-FAC at the Zoo Bar in celebration of Reynold Peterson’s birthday, Brent, Sarah, Ande & I headed to Haymarket Park for the Saltdogs season opener. Sadly, the photo doesn’t really show that this was a Cats vs. Dogs endeavor. There were some great clouds to the west, and the weather was perfect for … Continue reading »