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New Project

‘pho∙to∙gra∙phy’ (etymology of): from photos (ϕοτοσ), light, and graphos (γραοσ), writing, delineation, or painting. I love pushing the limits of relatively uncomplex consumer cameras, repurposing their pre-programmed photo modes for unintended and beautiful consequences of imagery. Here, “Starry Night” mode on the Panasonic Lumix TS-1 becomes more Mark Rothko painting than photograph as a 15-second … Continue reading »

Freestyle 50

Check out the Freestyle 50 tonight at Screen Ink (press coverage here). After tonight’s First Friday, I’m heading out on the road for 7 days of Bicycle Riding Across Nebraska. Peace, be safe, and get out and enjoy the weather.

Eagle First Friday

My last responsibility on a long day — or really, long week — of work was to drop off two tapes for broadcast at NET. Felice & Melissa were heading out to Eagle, and though I thought I’d just join Felice as far as Melissa’s house or maybe ride with them to the MoPac trailhead, … Continue reading »

art walk

Felice & I braved the cold to see some art Friday night. There were lovely paintings by Nolan and new work by Brent at the Turbine Flats space, 21st & Y. Once again, Nolan takes us to magical otherworlds. Brent has been working with painted plywood etchings. I really like the silverfish (above) even though … Continue reading »