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Good Morning, Sunset Park

It was an early Saturday morning. I was going to do the Spring Fling ride, but my crew kinda fell through and it’s cold and rainy. I was up, though, and so were a pack of poets in Brooklyn. Despite what she may have feared, Jules will never look like a man to me. We … Continue reading »

Home Grown Film Festival

“Homegrown” Film Festival@ the Bourbon Theatre 1415 ‘O’ Street – April 3rd, 9pmFeaturing local cinema arts on the big screen. Free Admission-Free Popcorn Playlist “The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour” ~20mins Directed by: Mark Thimijan “I Want You To Know Something That Is True” ~2mins Directed by: Jake Gillespie “Neighbors” ~5mins Directed … Continue reading »

She’s a Talker

Neil Goldberg, 1993.  Watch it here. More than 70 gay men in their living rooms pet their cats and say “She’s a talker.”


New work out of USC — cinematography by Jon Miller, and a score by Anderson Reinkordt!  I particularly love the Edward Hopper-esque shot in this clip.  More about the work here.

TIE Retrospective, 2009

All you need for cinema to happen: A room with an audience, all facing the same direction, a source of light projecting above their heads, and darkness. -Christopher May, director, TIE There is a pause, space of black and silence, purposefully left between the short films. I describe to Jennie the need for a moment … Continue reading »

Auteur Theory

These two films (which I saw back to back the past two nights) struck me as prime examples of auteur theory. Take that for what it’s worth.

TIE Returns to the Ross

The fantastically curated TIE collection is returning to the Ross this Wednesday & Thursday. The past two years, Lincoln has been blessed with great programs and presentation from Christopher May, TIE’s curator. This year should be no exception: Since 2000, the internationally-based TIE festival has been a leading champion of artists still working in the … Continue reading »

My Ultimate Influence?

Mathias sent me this link this morning. I used to sing this song all the time when I was little. My parents had a strict no-commercial-television policy, so all I watched was PBS, with a heavy dose of Sesame Street. This bordered on addiction, and my parents had VHS tapes full of episodes for the … Continue reading »