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Out of the ‘Dirge’

Wow! Great interview with Elvis by Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition. From the opening notes of “Doomsday,” I was thrilled to get a pause in my morning routine to hear this. Morning Edition, March 19, 2009 – Based on the catchy arrangements of Elvis Perkins’ sophomore release, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, the album seems like … Continue reading »


New work out of USC — cinematography by Jon Miller, and a score by Anderson Reinkordt!  I particularly love the Edward Hopper-esque shot in this clip.  More about the work here.

Mix for Sam Solomon

My friend Sam, who is working on his PhD in Comp Lit at USC, recently had his car broken into and the bastard took all his mix cds.  Irreplaceable, that heartless bastard.  Anyway, in response to a sad Facebook status regarding this matter, I decided to to make Sam a mix.  I asked him what … Continue reading »

Proud of Friends Edition

My friend Rob Sand (b. Decorah, Iowa), one of the first people I met in college & also one of very few fellow Brunonians to return to the Midwest (currently in year 2 at University of Iowa Law), has just had his undergraduate thesis written up by Harvard Law scholar Larry Lessig. It’s some solidly … Continue reading »

Undoing Bush

Harper’s has several articles up right now on “undoing” Bush, i.e. what the next President will face in dealing with his various messes. For starters, the environment. As an aside, high-five to Alex Provan for assisting in story writing there.