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Late Night Greens

Whilst prepping & packing for Colorado (4:30 AM departure from Lincoln with Ms. Reddy to meet Ms. Hepburn in Ft. Collins), I made some killer garlic scape pesto with scapes from my neighbor Rich’s yard. I used pistachios as the nut of choice, and pecorino romano & parmesan to cheese it up. Bread from Le … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking: Peas!

I had both snow peas and regular snap peas from the farm, so I flash-fried them with some garlic scapes from my neighbor Rich, and added some soba noodles and sesame oil to round it out. The best thing right now is that when I take out the compost, the black raspberries that grow right … Continue reading »

Smart Horse

My parents’ neighbors have 3 horses. One is black. This black horse is quite intelligent, or totally off its rocker. It gets all the way into the pond and hangs out there all day, blowing bubbles. I’m not even kidding.


Monday night, Mart & Jennie & I drove out to the farm so they could say farewell to Nebraska. We watched the sun set from my favorite tree and listened to the birds for a long time. We’ll miss you two. Come back to visit!

Easter Weekend in Photos

Jennie at the ride-up ATM Theo handles guitar & bass in Columbia Vs. Challenger Teal front and center as Dustin, Tom, and Jim (off camera) rock the Box, UUVVWWZ style. What a great band. Cassidy the Grillmassidy Niki successfully found that egg Papi touching up the rosemary/lemon/garlic basting on the leg of lamb, last 30 … Continue reading »

Post-work Farm Ride

After a day of work that involved 3 hours of interstate driving, nice weather necessitated a longer ride. I decided to head out to the farm and surprise my parents with a visit. What better a day to really get some practice with my fancy new Sidis? Hardly any wind, bright, clear skies, and just … Continue reading »

Spring, sprung

Today makes it official, but last weekend felt like the start of spring. Belatedly posted, above, my newest riding buddy & finest of neighbors, Gina, in front of the sadly not open Roca Tavern. Below, my dad grills a leg of kid from Green Glade farm.

Calving Time

A little early start this year, but as Mami said today, “At least now, it’s February!” Last Sunday, a first-time mother gave birth to a little bull calf. It was very cold, and beginning to snow, so my mom & Chris carried the calf into the barn, where we’d put down some straw. Generally, the … Continue reading »

Christmas on the Farm

physics with bells cutest little challah swedish breakfast blue jays & lady cardinal the barn & sheds at sunset christmas sunset the rattiest tree dad’s ever seen mom & i halfway through the obligatory holiday scrabble showdown dad lets his true alliances be known