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Mom took me to lunch at Maggie‘s yesterday before she headed to the Community Blood Bank. Ah, the retired life. Above, a delicious seasonal/local roasted veggie wrap. Below, gazpacho, also deliciously local. When she dropped me off back at my office, I wished her luck with the vampires. Elisabeth: Have fun with the vampires.Jane: You … Continue reading »

A Keith Jacobshagen Kind of Evening

The entirety of Reinkordts went up to Omaha last night to celebrate the birthday of the youngest. On the way home, Old Low to the Ground noted that it was a real Keith Jacobshagen kind of evening. Sadly, a camera is unable to capture this while driving down the interstate.

Memorial Day Swedish Pilgrimage

My mother’s father grew up in Malmo, Nebraska. Every Memorial Day, she and my aunt drive up to decorate the graves of the Bredenberg family at Bethesda Cemetary. It’s full of Swedes. My grandfather’s parents. Evalina ran away from Sweden to Nebraska when she was 17. She worked for the lawyer who defended Chief Standing … Continue reading »

Calving Time

A little early start this year, but as Mami said today, “At least now, it’s February!” Last Sunday, a first-time mother gave birth to a little bull calf. It was very cold, and beginning to snow, so my mom & Chris carried the calf into the barn, where we’d put down some straw. Generally, the … Continue reading »

Christmas on the Farm

physics with bells cutest little challah swedish breakfast blue jays & lady cardinal the barn & sheds at sunset christmas sunset the rattiest tree dad’s ever seen mom & i halfway through the obligatory holiday scrabble showdown dad lets his true alliances be known

Black Friday

Some people go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. This morning, my mom and I rode bikes instead. Much better idea.