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Kick-That-Cold Miso

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a recipe… After a busy day at work where what started as a minor sniffle slowly elevated to a full-on head cold, I came home both exhausted and motivated to try to kick the cold in the ass. I’m so backlogged with stuff to edit and looming deadlines that … Continue reading »

Late Night Greens

Whilst prepping & packing for Colorado (4:30 AM departure from Lincoln with Ms. Reddy to meet Ms. Hepburn in Ft. Collins), I made some killer garlic scape pesto with scapes from my neighbor Rich’s yard. I used pistachios as the nut of choice, and pecorino romano & parmesan to cheese it up. Bread from Le … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking: Peas!

I had both snow peas and regular snap peas from the farm, so I flash-fried them with some garlic scapes from my neighbor Rich, and added some soba noodles and sesame oil to round it out. The best thing right now is that when I take out the compost, the black raspberries that grow right … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking for One: Quick & Simple

After coming home from the gym tonight, I wanted a quick meal. Pasta it is! But no boring spaghetti with prepared sauce, no no no. After reaching al dente perfection, I added a solid pat of butter, grated parmesan & pecorino romano, stirred until melted, then added spinach just until wilted. Topped with some fresh … Continue reading »

Annals of Cooking for One: Feeling Local

I spent the day home & cleaning, ably assisted by bizarre weather (including, at one point, simultaneous tornado & winter storm warnings nearby) and good music. Breakfast was brought to me — in bed, no less — by my lovely honorary roommate Sally, who cooked up lemon-risotto pancakes with spiced apples on top. Delicious, and … Continue reading »

Pizza Night Part Two: Gina Joins In

After having rough days at work, Gina & I had beers and made pizzas. This time, toppings included: Grated ParmesanPecorino RomanoMozzarellaOil-Cured OlivesSauceSpicesGarlicBaby SpinachCrimini Mushrooms In case the three cheeses on the pizza wasn’t enough, we also had some Fromage d’Affinois on Le Quartier’s White Sourdough. Yum!

Annals of Cooking for One: Hungry for Pizza

Pizza Night!With 30 mph winds and the threat of rain (and snow??), I knew I wouldn’t put in enough miles riding outside. A couple of aggressive young whippersnappers took all the fans in spin class for themselves, so I biked home sweaty without changing for the immediate air-conditioning effect into the south wind. I biked … Continue reading »