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Three Links and a Dot

Gizmodo was entertaining this afternoon. Here are three links worth sharing. Awesome White Elephants including Burrito Glasses: Custom stuffed toys made from your child’s sketches: And sculptures made from dust. I should clean my house. When I got home, Dottie had been on my computer. This is what she managed to get up on the … Continue reading »

St. Paul Saturday

Gigantic latte at Gingko’s Jelly is the sweetest little cat. She greeted us every time we came walking back from somewhere. We Tast[ed] The Flavors of Korea Nick & Calico. She was just a little puppy the last time I saw her! This summer, she’ll be riding back to Nebraska in the trailer hitched to … Continue reading »


I’ve been resistant to write about this story, feeling it doesn’t really deserve as much attention as it is getting. But then, an inside source informed me that the plastic/plexi-glass box the cat was in was labeled “CHAMBOR.” Poor Shadow. Man can’t even spell the parts of his bong right. (For the record, that language … Continue reading »

She’s a Talker

Neil Goldberg, 1993.  Watch it here. More than 70 gay men in their living rooms pet their cats and say “She’s a talker.”

Mysterious Cat

This cat was spotted in a couple local restaurants last weekend. First, on Friday evening, it was at El Chapparo, enjoying imported Mexican Coke: The next morning, it was spotted at the Green Gateau, contemplating leaping into a lit candle while crow’s nesting on a crayon.