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TMI Commercial from nocoastfilms on Vimeo. Brent and I decided it needed to be done.

Cats vs. Dogs

Friday evening, post-FAC at the Zoo Bar in celebration of Reynold Peterson’s birthday, Brent, Sarah, Ande & I headed to Haymarket Park for the Saltdogs season opener. Sadly, the photo doesn’t really show that this was a Cats vs. Dogs endeavor. There were some great clouds to the west, and the weather was perfect for … Continue reading »

Its a pedal bike not motorcycle

Brent had an interesting experience the other day, as he looks to potentially replace his still-stolen Pista. Sadly, the Craigslist posting for the Redline Big Block, requesting contact via text message, has been deleted. What follows, however, is Brent’s text message conversation with the seller. This was me desiring the simplest information from a troglodyte … Continue reading »

Real Spring Weekend

The weather was fantastic this weekend! After threats of rain the whole time, we only got some on Saturday morning, but mostly, skies were clear and flowers bloomed. Eric had a birthday, too. Friday evening, Felice, Brent, and I joined him for a ride to Eagle to celebrate. Despite threatening clouds, we only had a … Continue reading »

Stolen Bike Alert!

Brent got his bike stolen Tuesday night. My Bike Friends, It is a sad day. Last night during Haymarket drinks my beloved Pista was wrested from its Starlit place. Please keep an eye out for it at the pawn/bike shop. Call me in the event of seeing it for its recovery/killing the shit out of … Continue reading »

The Tam

Brent & I enjoyed the warm evening air to bike to the Tam O’Shanter. Brent enjoyed the shag carpet on the wall. This is our new slogan. Might make a good name for our BRAN team. We biked through the fancy new arches along the Antelope Valley corridor.

art walk

Felice & I braved the cold to see some art Friday night. There were lovely paintings by Nolan and new work by Brent at the Turbine Flats space, 21st & Y. Once again, Nolan takes us to magical otherworlds. Brent has been working with painted plywood etchings. I really like the silverfish (above) even though … Continue reading »