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Real Spring Weekend

The weather was fantastic this weekend! After threats of rain the whole time, we only got some on Saturday morning, but mostly, skies were clear and flowers bloomed. Eric had a birthday, too. Friday evening, Felice, Brent, and I joined him for a ride to Eagle to celebrate. Despite threatening clouds, we only had a … Continue reading »


I’m really happy about the poem Mathias and I wrote for Anders. … ANDERS PETERSON by Elisabeth Reinkordt & Mathias Svalina A is for AWESOME. You are awesome! N is for NEATNESS. You are very neat (as in tidy). D is for DEBONAIRE. You are well-dressed, sophisticated, and at ease, showing ease of manner, elegance, … Continue reading »


The sky out my window, facing west,Is a soupy green right now. The color of June fourth JuniAki’s twenty-first birthday.