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I’m up in (bl)La Vista for a conference, and went to nightcap my workshop with a visit to Ben over at Jake’s. I’m certainly not used to driving on the interstate to hang out with friends. It’s all worth it for this one, though, and boz stopped in before the night was through. xo, ben.

Mysterious Cat

This cat was spotted in a couple local restaurants last weekend. First, on Friday evening, it was at El Chapparo, enjoying imported Mexican Coke: The next morning, it was spotted at the Green Gateau, contemplating leaping into a lit candle while crow’s nesting on a crayon.

From Pride to Predator

This morning, walking in to work, I saw a woman step nonchalantly a foot out of her way to crush a roach, then pause a half-step back, posing in satisfaction. Yesterday, Ben told me all about cheeseburgers. He could not eat them; his tongue felt like he imagined it would be like if he had … Continue reading »

Kearney, Nebraska, Day One

I left Lincoln at approximately 6:30 this morning, slept though some Bonnie Prince Billy and This American Life episodes, and arrived at a video production workshop for school technology administrators at 9 AM. This, naturally, follows being up far too late with the likes of M. Gibson, B. McQuillan, and M. Svalina. Lovely time, yes.Not … Continue reading »

on this weekend

a lovely precursor-to-spring weekend, indeed. in reverse order: i just came home on my bike, and it was too warm for my hat and my bare feet are fine. at the sun mart parking lot, i got chased down by some dangerous looking kids squeaking their newly purchased squeaky toys at me, then complaining that … Continue reading »