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KC Sprints at Duffy’s

Women’s final: Downtown Syd Brown vs. Eli”s”abeth Grindcore Shirtless grudge match: Rhino vs. Mr. T Great crowd! Soccer nerd grudge match: Matthew vs. Aaron MKGB practices aiming for the puke bucket

Eagle FAC

Evening plans shifted around a few times tonight, but Felice called at just the right time for an FAC ride out to Eagle. We were lucky to have the shack on the MoPac to ourselves for a nice long session with some PBR before continuing on to the One-Eyed Dog. Cheers to best friends!

East on the MoPac

Gina & I headed out this morning for some serious trail miles. It was pretty cool to start, but we were taking off the arm warmers before too long. Gina’s got a stylin’ new jersey, too. Serious water bottle concentration. Turnaround time. Faint hair metal blasting from a field somewhere nearby. Delicious and well-deserved beers … Continue reading »