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New Project

‘pho∙to∙gra∙phy’ (etymology of): from photos (ϕοτοσ), light, and graphos (γραοσ), writing, delineation, or painting. I love pushing the limits of relatively uncomplex consumer cameras, repurposing their pre-programmed photo modes for unintended and beautiful consequences of imagery. Here, “Starry Night” mode on the Panasonic Lumix TS-1 becomes more Mark Rothko painting than photograph as a 15-second … Continue reading »

Who Knew?

I just discovered canned dolmas. They’re on special right now at Open Harvest, and became an impulse buy for me Saturday. I thought there would be no way they’d compete with fresh, restaurant-made ones, but holy wow, they’re yummy. In other news, I’m spending my little employee benefit of a state holiday working on my … Continue reading »

Three Links and a Dot

Gizmodo was entertaining this afternoon. Here are three links worth sharing. Awesome White Elephants including Burrito Glasses: Custom stuffed toys made from your child’s sketches: And sculptures made from dust. I should clean my house. When I got home, Dottie had been on my computer. This is what she managed to get up on the … Continue reading »

Inlight Richmond

Fantastic poet and wonderful person Joshua Poteat invited me to add video projection to an art installation he was putting together in Richmond, Virginia, this weekend. Honored to be asked, I submitted a piece that is of sunshine through trees that ends up looking like stars, one that lends itself well to projection. Well, the … Continue reading »


This week’s cover of The New Yorker is really sexy. “No Trespassing,” by Istvan Banyai.

Freestyle 50

Check out the Freestyle 50 tonight at Screen Ink (press coverage here). After tonight’s First Friday, I’m heading out on the road for 7 days of Bicycle Riding Across Nebraska. Peace, be safe, and get out and enjoy the weather.

A Keith Jacobshagen Kind of Evening

The entirety of Reinkordts went up to Omaha last night to celebrate the birthday of the youngest. On the way home, Old Low to the Ground noted that it was a real Keith Jacobshagen kind of evening. Sadly, a camera is unable to capture this while driving down the interstate.