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Smart Horse

My parents’ neighbors have 3 horses. One is black. This black horse is quite intelligent, or totally off its rocker. It gets all the way into the pond and hangs out there all day, blowing bubbles. I’m not even kidding.

Wildlife Ride & Dinner

Jennie & I felt the need to mellow out yesterday afternoon, so we went for a nice little ride to Roca. It was a journey filled with wildlife. First, and most exciting, my foot was a mere couple of inches from a huge snake. We screamed for a good long while and I didn’t have … Continue reading »

Tuesday Night Neighbors

After long days (and an all-nighter for Gina) of being digital creatives, Gina & I hit the road. We escorted Felice to yoga, then headed to bread & cup for sandwiches and a beer. Check out those stretched out legs and the fancy road shoes at their ends! Refueled, we decided to head to Pioneers … Continue reading »

Science Times: NYT’s Excuse for Raunch?

I have become convinced that the New York Times Science section, featured on Tuesdays, is the paper’s outlet for all-out raunchiness, albeit generally of the animal variety. From yesterday’s “A Lonesome Tortoise, and a Search for a Mate“: By coating her hands in the genital secretions of female tortoises and gently stroking him, she managed … Continue reading »