Baudrillard dies?

Henry Wessel, from the SF MOMA retrospective

“since the simulacrum of Baudrillard’s death is but a truth concealing that there is not death merely a simulation of it”

Jonathan Miller tells me Jean Baudrillard has died. I can find no evidence of it on the web as of yet. Coincidence?

From Simulacra and Simulations:

So it is with simulation, insofar as it is opposed to representation. Representation starts from the principle that the sign and the real are equivalent (even if this equivalence is Utopian, it is a fundamental axiom). Conversely, simulation starts from the Utopia of this principle of equivalence, from the radical negation of the sign as value, from the sign as reversion and death sentence of every reference. Whereas representation tries to absorb simulation by interpreting it as false representation, simulation envelops the whole edifice of representation as itself a simulacrum.

UPDATE: Jerusalem Post reports the death. They are the only ones so far.

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